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Francoise hardy premiere rencontre lyrics

There may be the odd song that is missing, and I am ever in the process of tracking an elusive number down. Often, the missing song is someone's wishful thinking or just poor recollection on my part. Sometimes the song really does exist. Some people collect stamps or play squash or go to the movies or eat out. I do this kind of thing, and Elvis, football, and philosophy.

francoise hardy premiere rencontre lyrics

It brings a certain contentment, even the occasionally profound joy. If you spot a song that is missing, please let me know. It's becoming easier now to identify and locate missing songs. When I first started to compile this list, some fifteen years ago, it involved quite an effort of investigation. So a word of thanks to yours truly for my having turned up many an obscurity would not go francoise hardy premiere rencontre lyrics.

I offer this Discography as a public service on my part, testimony to the painstaking efforts I have made in the cause of good music Francoise francoise hardy premiere rencontre lyrics premiere rencontre lyrics feel free to call it an obsession.

I have a few other special interests. Elvis, Dante, rational freedom, Llandudno, and Kashmiri goats. It makes for an interesting life. I have had this response even in specialist music shops in Liverpool, Manchester, and St Helens, run by people who know and love their music. It's as if I have called their sixties memories back to them in the present.

Their memories of her are good ones, it's just that, to them, she is forever francoise hardy premiere rencontre lyrics sixties icon imprisoned in grainy black and white images.

I never forget to add that, musically, she has lasted far better than most of the great sixties icons - whom she also pre-dates. I remember the fate of Nick Drake.

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I maintain that she has now built a body of work of sufficient substance to place her in the first rank of artists.

I'm also struck by the number of folk who seem hardly to know French music at all.

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Those that do know Françoise remember her or know her as a Sixties icon and nothing more. This is a travesty of the truth. But my intention is to do much more than that. Having made the discovery of Françoise Hardy's music some time ago, I embarked on what turned into a long and frustrating search for her original albums. Even her well-known work was fairly hard to find in the UK.

I wasn't on the Internet back then, so I couldn't simply push buttons and quickly identify and locate what I was looking for. But there was great value in my years of indefatigable search. In searching for one thing, say Message Personnel or A Suivre, I would make any number of other discoveries with respect to her songs.

I have a very nice collection of LPs and EPs, although it is far from complete, an obsession I managed to curtail to well below my Site de rencontre sortir à paris proportions - I have hundreds of Elvis albums.

Collecting, of course, is obsessive and addictive. Years of following Elvis taught me that. But rather than teaching me a lesson, it nurtured completist tendencies on my part. One thing leads to another until the day comes when, after being bowled over by one song in the beginning, you have everything an artist has ever recorded. If there is a good side to this ailment — if enjoying myself immensely in indulging my obsessions can be described as an ailment — then it is this: I am able to give a fair and judicious assessment of the entire catalogue of songs in the career of Françoise Hardy.

I've lived with these songs in my ears for so long now that I know them intimately. So I'll give you my view as a reliable and francoise hardy premiere rencontre lyrics witness and judge. There are a lot of songs in her catalogue, songs francoise hardy premiere rencontre lyrics all kinds and in all languages.

In my researches I have also turned up many songs and rumours of recordings that are unknown to all but the most obsessive, fanatical, and die-hard fans that'll be me, then, and probably you if you have read this far. I won't say my list is complete. Some of the stuff I have turned up here may even come as a surprise to Françoise herself.

She seems to have a poor view of a lot of her recordings. As an Elvis fan who has watched every film he has made, many more times than is good for one's health and sanity, I know no shame and even less embarrassment. Find something you enjoy doing, and enjoy doing it is my motto. Take time to smell the roses, they say. This is where I take time - a lot of it.

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The songs are arranged chronologically and by original album release. The length of each song is given, the writers of each song are credited and there is a rating for each song out of ten.

This marking began for my own personal reference as I compiled playlists and tapes of representative selections, but the scores francoise hardy premiere rencontre lyrics nevertheless fairly reliable because, as fanatics and obsessives go, I know a fair bit about music and am fairly discerning and critical. I like a wide range of music, and I know it in depth.

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Note that I do hand out a fair number of 4's and 5's in the list, which is a surprisingly low score for a favourite singer I am most passionate about. I am a pretty harsh marker. So when I award the 10's and 9's you can be sure they have been earned and that Françoise Hardy is indeed an artist of the highest calibre.

Françoise Hardy is my favourite female singer, so my scoring will, naturally, tend to the favourable. I have no pretensions to academic objectivity. And people are free to enjoy each song according to its merits. But there is a degree of cool objectivity there all the same. I'll just add that in terms of my own personal taste, I really don't care too much for the Yé-Yé sound.

I can be accused of being a little too precious here.

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I love Billy Fury, for instance, and I know Françoise did too. I think the British copying of American rock was lame but passable, with moments of inspiration. I am very much old school, and have a wealth of Piaf, Gréco, Brel, Aznavour etc.

Franзoise Hardy raconte l'histoire de "Message personnel", inspirйe par Jacques Dutronc

I don't think Yé-Yé cuts it. The likes of Elvis drew directly on the blues, country, and gospel they found all around them - the British and the French were drawing on Elvis, and did well at a second hand distance, building a foundation for the pop that came after.

The next generation could sound so good because this generation of British and French artists took the tentative first steps. I say tentative. I do like the way they gave it a go as best they could. If it sounds a bit antwacky now, as they say in Liverpool, then somebody had to do it.

Could you have done it any better?

Ce dernier a-t-il joué un rôle dans cette collaboration? Si Thierry avait joué un rôle dans cette collaboration inattendue, il me l'aurait sans aucun doute fait savoir.

I very much doubt it. So, if you have a soft spot for Yé-Yé, then feel free to add a mark or two to my rather meagre scores.

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I just don't think it is Françoise at her best, and neither does she. And she got better in the seventies. On the same theme, I don't care much for the MOR jazz stylings and synthesized beats and arrangements of her eighties material. In my fairly outspoken view, Françoise's voice and talent was in large part wasted on 'sophisticated' 'adult' pop.

There is still good material that I love there, but there are some musical misconceptions there too. The production and francoise hardy premiere rencontre lyrics instrumentation francoise hardy premiere rencontre lyrics sound dated in a slick 'adult' kind of way.

Photo B. Je ne sais pas.

I leave the 'jazzy retro' stuff to others. I like the tempered sensuality of Françoise's voice, and you can still hear that on the better tracks from the s. Where and when will become clear in the marking, as indeed will the where not. I just shudder to think of the great material before and after that they would be inclined to remove marks from. This is my list, and I impose my francoise hardy premiere rencontre lyrics personal taste.

L'amour D'un Garçon - Françoise Hardy

It's all good fun. So they are what they are and will remain that way. I can only re-iterate what I said earlier: study this discography with a keen eye. I have arranged the material in accordance with the original album releases. But please pay close attention to the tracks underneath each particular album set, because there are some rare finds and gems in there which, if you search francoise hardy premiere rencontre lyrics enough and hard enough, you may well be able to find.

I have often added a mark in order to stimulate further interest, or merely for historical interest. It wasn't issued at the time and is not well known. The discography I have pieced together unearths a number of similarly interesting tracks known only, if at all, to hardcore fans.

It disappeared from view only to be rediscovered by the younger generation in Jessica Sula's version in Skins.

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And remember, too, that the scoring itself is imprecise and has certain vagaries. Françoise loathes her version of the song, apparently. All I can say is that it is better than her version of La Mer, recorded the same way in the same time and place.

Première Rencontre Lyrics

And she does. The songs went down well with the television audience, francoise hardy premiere rencontre lyrics. These are two of the greatest songs ever written. Françoise has had time to re-record both and wipe out these stains on francoise hardy premiere rencontre lyrics reputation. She's better than this. I don't know. Would you prefer to be outraged, disgusted, or bored?

I have a strange attraction to Elvis' worst material. It doesn't leave you cool, calm, and indifferent. Françoise is ever easy on my ears. I am sure that in any idle moments I may get in the future that I may revisit these charts and alter the scoring a little. On a personal note, I'll admit to adding a mark to Je Veux Qu'il Revienne to ensure its status as a I always liked the song. It depends on how much you like pop music.

I like it. The song was recorded in and very much heralds the start of a new era in pop. So why the extra mark? Purely personal. Françoise recorded the song in London with producer and arranger Charles Blackwell. That is one direction that Françoise moved her music into, and the result was a resounding success. It's an important point to make when it comes to writing the histories of these singers and times.

Françoise Hardy was a major player in the music of these times, and it is right to set the record straight. Only You Can Do It was their best song, but flopped in the singles chart in And with no more hits, the band split in